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A college experience that equips you to live according to your values and mission.

  • An accredited, low or no-debt university degree

  • Practical experience available every semester

  • Tools and structure to develop your God-given mission

  • One-on-one support and guidance

A degree alone won’t prepare you for life after college, but traditional college paths leave it up to you to get the resources you need to live your life on mission once you graduate. Many students also feel pressure to pick a degree that will perfectly prepare them for their vocation, worried that making the wrong choice will cause them to waste time and money.

We believe you shouldn’t be on your own to navigate the years after high school. You shouldn’t have to stress about making perfect choices in order to set you up for success after college. And your degree shouldn’t come with the worry of “Am I really ready?”

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At BU@NMC, we provide a unique college experience with the best of two worlds - Bethel University’s academic excellence and the leadership culture and support of Nappanee Missionary Church. Our program gives you a low- or no-debt path to earning an accredited degree while also providing practical experience every semester, intentional leadership development that professionals would pay thousands of dollars for, and robust spiritual guidance. BU@NMC will equip you to discover your God-given mission and help you intentionally prepare yourself for life after graduation.

Why Choose BU@NMC?


Transitioning from high school to college to adult life can be scary. You will have structure and intentional support from the BU@NMC team throughout the whole learning process, with one-on-one guidance so you aren’t alone on the journey.


BU@NMC is a Bethel University extension site, giving you the opportunity to earn a fully accredited Bethel University degree in the supportive environment of NMC.


Bethel University offers affordable tuition to students at extension sites, allowing you to earn up to 34 credit hours for a full year at the cost of $10,500.


Through BU@NMC, you will earn your degree and experience a close-knit college community while still having the flexibility to live at home and continue to work a part-time job.


Hands-on learning opportunities that align with your choice of study will be offered to you through BU@NMC. Up to 3 credit hours per semester will be given for practicum experience. This amounts to 10-12 hours weekly of firsthand leadership, ministry and workplace experience.

Take your nexts steps toward a mission-centered life:


If you’d like to experience our community first-hand before applying, schedule a campus visit.


Apply to BU@NMC.


Enroll, attend classes, get practical experience and be mentored and coached by our team.


Graduate with an accredited degree, low (or no) debt and confidence about your next steps in life.

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Affordable. Local. Intentional. Practical. Fully Accredited.

A college experience that equips you to live according to your values and mission.

How Affordable? $10,500 per year.

Total cost is for one academic year of tuition and fees at BU@NMC based on a 17 credit hour semester. The cost will increase if the student registers for additional credits.

For those eligible for the Pell Grant and/or Indiana State Grant, the out-of-pocket cost is substantially reduced.

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70417 State Road 19, Nappanee, IN 46550

Tel:  574-773-7773

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